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DBS Checked

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Thermoplastic or Paint?

Have you ever wondered why we use thermoplastic in certain areas but paint in others? Lots of people ask us is it better to use thermoplastic for playground markings instead of traditional painted line markings? Both types of line marking have their different characteristics and advantages. They both have different features and benefits for both aesthetics and durability but knowing which is best for you can be a difficult decision.

Thermoplastic lines are applied in a specialist preformed plastic material and the colours/pigmants in the 26 colours we offer are completely organic.

Marking your play areas with the type of thermoplastic we use also minimizes the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions. Our preformed thermoplastic material has passed sensibility tests according to international standards.

The preformed material is laid onto any existing tarmacadam surface a little bit like a big jigsaw and then heated up until it melts and sticks down onto the tarmac.

Once applied, the thermoplastic line markings are very vibrant & durable as well as being dry within 30 minutes of laying. The general life expectancy can be over three years if the surface remains in good condition.

Thermoplastic will not become dull during heavy weathering so they’ll retain their colour and provide clear lines over long periods of time. Simply brushing with some warm soapy water will restore colour throughout its lifetime. These lines can be used in sports courts, demarcation areas as well as the popular use for bright fun and interactive playground and recreational area designs.

Thermoplastic can be bought in lines or can be made in sheet form enabling us to design customer logos or welcome mats for any organisation using the latest in water-jet technology. We use thermoplastic on road ways, cycle lanes, car parks, and areas were safety comes first such as transport yards or walk ways in busy airports & train stations. Thermoplastic line markings are great for recreational outdoor sports courts and school MUGAs where activities are more focused on fun rather than serious competition. Thermoplastic is applied with an anti-slip beading and glue for extra assurance that the users will be able to enjoy them for many years.

Painted lines are commonly used for marking out sports courts and playground graphics onto play areas or courts. Painted line markings are usually almost flush with the surface onto which they are applied. This ensures that the lines do not interfere with the play on the ball during a game or match.

If you tell us or if we feel your area is to be used for competitive sports, then line marking using paint really is a must.

We do not recommended thermoplastic for these areas, we wouldn’t want any users believing they were put at a disadvantage would we!

It must be noted that painted line markings simply do not last as long as thermoplastic so a regular maintenance programme should be established if this is the right choice for you.

Paint will fade more quickly dependent on the usage in the area. It makes sense for schools to choose thermoplastic as the maintenance of the graphics or lines is greatly reduced, and hassle free.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions, 01282 902558 or ask us to come and visit you in person.